Palawan Call You This Holiday Season

Palawan call you this holiday season

There are so many ways people adopt to enjoy their holidays. Some love to spend it at home with their family members while others choose to spend it at amazing location with friends or loved ones. So what are your plans?

Treasure Point El Nido Palawan is one of the most sought-after locations on the island so is the Seashore beach club.. As a foreigner, you can buy a share in the property and earn huge money. As the Mediterranean inspired feature, you get a staff to attend you 24 by 7. The entire property is picturesque and attractive. Located among lagoons and an archipelago, experience upscale dinning and hospitality at the Treasure Point El Nido Palawan.

Palawan is beautiful for many reasons. Voted as the most beautiful island in the world, it is where the shades of emerald meet sapphire. One of the most exotic destinations of the world, this one is hard to miss out of the itinerary list. The Philippines is one of the most underrated travel destinations and it is almost time that it gets the most deserved credits.

A vacation spot with waterfalls, gardens and even a private beach, you get the best of both worlds at the most beautiful island on the planet.Treasure Point El Nido Palawan is one of the best properties on the island. They give an offer where you could be an exclusive member of the club if you happen to purchase real estate in the area. As a referral bonus, you become entitled to 20% of the income. Get major discounts of up to 50% if you get more members for the club. Activities such as water sports, diving, sports drive, restrobar facility, party times and other exciting features can be made available to you at nominal prices.


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